About the Author
Michael Bayer

Michael Bayer is the president of Computer Telephony Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in the design and implementation of CT technologies and products.

His work in this field dates back over a decade--before the term CT even emerged--and he is recognized as one of the pioneers of the CT industry. Many important CT initiatives can be traced to his groundbreaking technical work, extensive promotion for his vision of CT, and participation in various standards-setting efforts.

Mr. Bayer has a technical background in computer-mediated communications and human interface design, and his technical credits include developing the Macintosh Telephony Architecture (MTA) and, more recently, playing a leading role in the development of the Versit CT Encyclopedia.

Since forming Computer Telephony Solutions over a year ago, he has continued to pursue his vision for computer telephony integration and has made his mission the widespread adoption of CT Plug & Play standards.

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