Consulting Services


To help your organization capitalize on the opportunity to develop new CTI products and services, Computer Telephony Solutions offers consulting services in the following areas:

1. Strategic Development

  • Assessing Existing Technology and Competitive Position
  • Identifying New Business Opportunities
  • Providing Representation in Industry Forums
  • Identifying and Brokering Partnerships and Relationships
  • Presenting Business Recommendations to Senior Management
  • Coordinating Intra-Organization Development Efforts

2. CTI-Related Product & System Design

  • Needs Analysis, Feature Set Identification, and Prioritization
  • Definition of Interoperability Requirements
  • Architectural, Product, and User Interface Design
  • Design Review
  • Product Marketing Support

3. Education

  • Full-day and Half-day seminars
  • Introduction to CTI
  • CTI Opportunities in various Market
  • CTI Standards & Interfaces
  • Sales Team and Customer Education
  • Building Multi-vendor CTI Systems
  • Selling/Selecting CTI Products


Significant opportunities now exist for CTI-enabled software and hardware products in all of the following markets:

  • Home Office
  • Small Business
  • Enterprise
  • Education


As a pioneer in CTI technology, Michael Bayer has spent the last twelve years promoting CTI technology, architecting CTI solution frameworks, managing CTI product development, and working on various standards setting initiatives. He has worked on CTI projects with the largest PBX vendors in the industry and with the small, dynamic startups that are challenging them.

With extensive experience in every aspect of the product development process, Computer Telephony Solutions can help your organization:

  • Take (better) advantage of CTI technologies in your products and services
  • Maximize returns on your existing CTI investments
  • Design and build highly interoperable CTI-enabled products
  • Deliver and market competitive, easy to use CTI products

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