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Computer telephony (CT) is one of the hottest, and most significant, interactive communications technology categories in the high-tech marketplace.

While CT technology is only now reaching the mainstream, it is already playing a very significant role in computer and telephone equipment purchase decisions. Everyone from Chief Technology Officers of Fortune 500 corporations to individuals setting up their home (or mobile) office are considering how to apply CT technology to their unique business and personal needs.

More than 100 years of frenetic innovation in the telephony world, and an even greater explosion of technology in the computer world, has made this integration a somewhat complicated undertaking. For over a decade, C pioneers and visionaries have been struggling to overcome these challenges. Considerable effort had to be expended in building a framework for no-compromise CT solutions that would allow for CT Plug & Play operation.

Three key factors now mark the maturation of CT technology:

  1. Interoperability, through standard CT Plug & Play protocols
  2. Power, though easy-to-use software tools
  3. Access, through low-cost multimedia communications hardware

Now is the time for you to begin taking advantage of CT technology...


CT opportunities and applications are limited only by your imagination. A wide variety of CT solution categories have emerged in the marketplace.


Computer telephony involves applying computing technology to expose the full power of telephone systems that range in size from individual cellular phones to the switching equipment of the worldwide telephone network:

  • CT encompasses CTI, Media Processing, VoIP, and CT administration technology
  • CT Plug & Play technology allows CT solutions and systems to be built using off-the-shelf products from different vendors.

Consulting Services

Consulting services are available to organizations interested in building CT products and solutions. If you are a software developer, telephony equipment vendor, telephone company, or consumer electronics manufacturer, contact us today to learn how to build CT into your products! Services offered include:

  • Strategic Development
  • Product & System Design
  • Education

The Book

This book, Computer Telephony Demystified: Putting CTI, Media Services, and IP Telephony to Work, (ISBN 0-07-135987-7) is the definitive introduction to the world of telephony and CT Plug & Play technology. It is published by McGraw Hill, has 765 pages, and is packed with helpful illustrations and diagrams. The book is both a primer for novices and an essential reference for telephony professionals. Topics include:


  • What is Computer Telephony?
  • CT Solutions and Benefits
  • Telephony Concepts
  • Telephony Devices
  • Call Processing Features and Services
  • CTI Concepts
  • Media Services Concepts
  • Switching Fabric Implementation
  • Administration
  • Telephony Equipment and Services
  • CT System Configurations
  • CT Software Components
  • CT Solutions Examples

CT will inevitably become an essential element of everyone's technology environment. Telephones and computers are the two most important technologies in today's world. Computer telephony integration builds a bridge between these technologies and opens a whole new frontier for revolutionary new applications

CT Resources

Other sources of CT information include:

  • Trade show Presentations,
  • Standards organizations, and
  • Vendors of CT products.

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